The impact of covid-19 on the world economy

For several months, the coronavirus has been raging in the world with an estimated mortality rate of up to 2.8 million. Today, the after-effects of this pandemic can be seen in all areas. This article presents the impacts of Covid19 on the global economy.

China, the most economically affected country

As the second largest economy, China is the country most economically affected by this coronavirus pandemic. The economic power of the country was reflected in the firms, factories and companies. Faced with this pandemic, most of the sectors of activity that constitute the power of this country had to close. The country's productivity dropped and was severely impacted. In addition, it should be noted that the direct after-effects of this pandemic on China have been a decrease in the turnover of companies in all sectors. However, the country has provided financial support to all those countries that need help to contain the spread of this pandemic. The United States, the American continent and Africa are the other spaces that are victims of the coronavirus.

What about Africa economically in the face of the coronavirus?

Although the African continent was not quickly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the economic impacts have been noted over time. The inactivity of air transport, the closure of supermarkets, tourist sites, the closure of businesses have directly affected the African economy. The African economy is therefore affected by this pandemic and the after-effects can be seen at all levels. From now on, many companies are in the position of closing and others are taking their responsibility by laying off some of their employees. Faced with this observation, it is clear that the African economy has been affected by the coronavirus. And the lack of access to the stadium to public spaces in mass confirms this.

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