Top 3 poorest countries in the world

Top 3 poorest countries in the world
Table of contents
  1. Madagascar
  2. Eritrea
  3. Guinea

In the world, there are countries where life is difficult. Poverty reigns in such a way that the population lives in difficult and deplorable conditions. Many people ask about the poorest countries in the world. Do you want to know about these countries? Read this article.


Madagascar is a country in Africa where the way of life is precarious in all likelihood. Although the country is distinguished as the third largest island in the world, poverty reigns on a large scale. Since the 2009 coup d'├ętat, the country has not received any humanitarian aid. It is without support, without means and consequently plunged into unprecedented poverty. Today, it ranks as the world's poorest country, and natural disasters continue to make the situation worse.


Eritrea is a very difficult country to access due to several factors. It is ruled by a dictatorial power where only one political party is seated. Every year thousands of people leave this state to survive the famine. However, there are many immigrants who are looking for a European country where they can settle. In addition, one of the factors that make life difficult in this country is the drought. In Eritrea, it is hot and the population faces a shortage of water and very difficult times. Moreover, since democracy is banned, the voice of the people is not taken into account and political stability does not prevail. Many sensations weigh on this country and there is no evidence that its economic situation will improve.


Guinea is an African country that has many natural resources to start its economic development. The country has the mineral resources, but due to political crises and bad governance, the country is still plunged into misery. In addition, there are factors that seem to prevent the country's economic take-off. Guinea has been hit by the coronavirus, which has also claimed remarkable victims in this country. The population lives on a meager agricultural income and there is no evidence that the living conditions will improve.


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